The Painted Burro offers an incredible list of over 100 bottles of craft 100% agave tequilas, mezcals and aged rums from all over Latin America.

Share our passion with a tasting flight featuring some of our staffs’ handpicked favorites or sip your way through the regions of Mexico and beyond.


Blanco (white), also called Plata (silver), is typically unaged or aged no longer than 60 days and therefore has the most distinctive taste of pure agave. Blancos are usually floral and herbal with clean minerality and a peppery bite.


Reposado, literally meaning “rested”, refers to the tequila aging from a period of 2 months to 1 year in oak barrels. The aging process is designed to mellow the agave creating a smoother tequila, great for sipping.


Anejo refers to tequilas that are “extra aged”. Often rested in small oak barrels that have been previously used to rest reposados. Many of the barrels used are from whiskey or bourbon distilleries. This treatment creates many of the aspects of the darker color and more complex flavors.


Made from the Maguey plant, one of the most sacred plants in pre Hispanic Mexico. Mezcals held a privileged position in religious rituals, mythology and economy. Displays often the smoky characteristics.